Reverse Cascade

The reverse cascade is the same as the regular cascade except all throws are made from the outside, instead of the inside. The main idea to take away from this is that you can throw a ball from anywhere that your hand can reach, which opens up a whole world of possibilities - under the leg, behind the back, and various places around your body. You should aim to master the reverse cascade (all outside throws), but along the way you can pick up a number of interesting tricks.

You should start by incorporating a single outside throw into your 3 ball cascade. You may have to vary the timing and spacing of your pattern to accomodate this throw (you may experience a lot of collisions while practicing this). Remember to keep the pattern in one plane! Some may call this trick 'one over the top' or something like that. Experiment with different heights and timing.

A very common and fun trick you can learn while mastering the reverse cascade is 'tennis'. Use outside throws for one of the balls, throwing the same ball over the top every time.